Our Coupon Policy

Adams will follow all guidelines and terms printed on a manufacturer’s coupon when redeeming. In addition to those guidelines Adams’ coupon redemption policy is as follows:

  • Adams will double coupons up to 99 cents. Coupons valued at $1.00 or more, free coupons, coupons for items restricted by law or coupons marked not to be doubled will be redeemed at face value
  • Adams limits coupon redemption to 4 of the same coupon per household per day
  • Adams will only accept one manufacturer coupon per item – we will accept only one coupon for a buy one get one free offer for the item that is purchased – we will not accept a coupon for any item that is free as part of a buy one get one free offer
  • Adams will not give cash back if the face or multiplied value is greater than the purchase price. In those situations the consumer will receive the product for free
  • Consumer must purchase specified quantity and specific item listed on coupon- substitutions are not allowed
  • Adams will only redeem manufacturer coupons that have a valid remittance address and bar code that scans
  • Consumer must pay any bottle deposits
  • Adams does not accept coupons that have been reported to us as counterfeit.
  • Adams will not accept any coupons that appear to have been “gang cut”, coupons that have similar or identical cuts, coupons that have been taped or coupons that appear to have been altered in any way
  • Adams will not accept expired coupons or coupons where the expiration has been removed
  • According to manufacturer guidelines – coupons are not transferable, and may not be copied, photocopied, scanned, altered, traded or otherwise distributed to others. Coupons that are copied, photocopied, scanned, altered, sold, traded, distributed or transferred by their original recipient to any other person, firm or group are VOID and Adams will not redeem them.
  • Adams does not accept Internet coupons over $2.00