We Are Adams

Featured Teammate


Doreen is our Deli/Prepared Foods Manager in Milford, as well as the winner of the 2019 Bozzuto’s Retailer Excellence Award for Deli. Doreen has over 45 years of experience in the vast world of cheese and cured meat. Two decades of which have been with us here at Adams Hometown Markets. She loves making your life easier by offering you Milford’s extensive Meals To Go selections – all made fresh in store. Rumor has it she even invented the “Grab’n Go”.

Together we achieve more. Have you met our Team? Of course you have! These wonderful people ARE Adams. We believe in idea of Teamwork. Each Teammate plays an integral part in your hometown experience. We wouldn’t be able to boast about our Cut-Here Meat if it wasn’t for our Meat Cutters nor tell you about our crazy cake displays if we didn’t have the best Cake Artists. Those yummy gourmet meals? They wouldn’t exist without our incredible chefs.

Come learn about some of your Hometown Teammates or join the fun by applying today!

Meet Bill Maffeo!

He was here at the beginning! Bill came to Adams Hometown Markets when our doors opened in 1996, making him an Adams original! If you are looking for experience, Bill is your man! He has been involved in the food industry for 46 years! Interacting with the community is Bill’s favorite part of his job. He genuinely loves helping people, whether it’s locating that one item that’s alluding you or simply asking about your day.

Meet Steve!

Steve Lobner is our Seafood Manager in our Portland location. With more than 18 years of experience in the fish market, he personifies everything you could want in your local seafood expert. Knowledgeable, approachable and innovative, Steve’s creative approach has brought joy to many of our customers. When he’s not behind the counter, Steve enjoys cooking up recipes including the local favorite, Steve’s Famous Crab Cakes.

Meet Hilda McKnight!

In her pursuit for excellence Hilda enjoys engaging with customers by building and maintaining relationships. Here at Adams we are committed to delivering exceptional service from warm, friendly and knowledgeable associates. Stop by and visit Hilda in Milford, you never know what you’ll find her doing – arranging flowers, painting, bagging, cleaning carriages, helping a customer to their car, training a new teammate or singing Happy Birthday!

MEAT Joe Blatz!

Joe is the man to find for anything meat! He has worked for over 45 years in the meat business, joining the Adams Team 4 years ago. He jokes that what sets the Watertown Meat Department ahead of everywhere else is that it’s his department. Joe, with help from his wonderful team of course, is responsible for all you see. He does it all! Whether that’s custom cutting your meat, making his store-made sausage or forming our gourmet hamburger patties, Joe is your guy! All of our beef is Certified Angus Beef or CAB, which Joe loves due to its consistent, excellent quality for his community of customers.

Meet Mackenzie Prindle!

Mackenzie is our magical Cake Decorator from our Deep River store! She has been working at Adams for 10 years, 6 of which in her current position as the Queen of Cakes. Originally coming to work for Adams as part of the family tradition, (her father, mother and fiancé are all team members as well) it was quickly discovered that we had not hired a decorator but an artist. Mackenzie excels, not only at her custom creations, but also gourmet pieces like our “Cake of the Month”. Her cakes are works of art, swirling colors and tasty frosting, finished off with a sweet or clever message for any occasion.