We Are Adams

Meet Noralea!

Together we achieve more. Have you met our Team? Of course you have! These wonderful people ARE Adams. We believe in Teamwork. Each Teammate plays an integral part in your hometown experience. We wouldn’t be able to boast our cut-here Meat if it wasn’t for our Meat Cutters nor tell you about our colorful cake displays if we didn’t have the best Cake Artists. Those yummy gourmet meals? They wouldn’t exist without our incredible chefs.

Come learn about some of your Hometown Teammates or join the fun by applying today!

Meet Jervin!

At the End of the World known as Montauk, NY, there is a superstar named Jervin Green. Originally from Jamaica, he began working here 7 years ago in our Dairy Department, before moving into Bakery & Deli, all the way up to his current position as the calm, cool and collected Store Manager of Montauk IGA. Jervin puts his heart into everything he does and treats his customers and teammates like family.  This passion can be seen as an imprint on both his exceptional store and his work inside his cherished community. Jervin, his wife and their four lovely children are an integral part of Montauk.  He is quite the celebrity here and his beautiful face has even been used in local marketing! #SuperModel #BlueSteel But in all seriousness, this oceanside town means the world to him and he is adored by the organizations surrounding him, exceptionally so by the Montauk Food Pantry

Next time you’re thinking of a sunny, beachside vacation, go meet Jervin and the rest of his wonderful team at your local, hometown market.

Meet Bill Swanson!

We call him “Mr. Adams”! Bill Swanson the Deli Manager of our Adams, MA location is a staple of the Berkshires. Originally from Long Island, New York, this tri-state transplant has become an pivotal man of the community. Whether you know him from his work behind the counter at your local market or from his 20 years owning Swanson’s, his own Seafood and Deli place in town, Mr. Swanson is quite the local celeb. Bill started his career in the world of meat and cheeses 44 years ago, right down the road in Pittsfield, MA. While working at a local hotel, he spotted an advertisement for a job at the (ironically unaffiliated) Adams Market and jumped at the opportunity. As years went by, his love for the business continued and in March of last year, we excitedly welcomed him into our own Adams family at the opening of our latest location. Bill absolutely adores being an essential member of his neighborhood. Whether he’s chatting with his favorite customers or laughing along with his family of co-workers, Bill believes that any job can be done with some hard work and a smile. He is also famous around town for his spectacular, store-made Ham Salad, a beloved local staple, created from the original Adams Market recipe and then jazzed up with his own Swanson flare! Don’t bother asking him for the secret ingredients, we already tried! Come meet “Mr. Adams” and the rest of his fun-loving Team at your local hometown market!

Meet Chef Beth!

Deli Manager and Chef

In the year that she has worked in our Monson, MA location, Beth Cordner, our Deli Manager and Chef has made quite the impression. Not only have her delicious gourmet meals been a hit around town but her infectiously warm and zany personality has spread through your Hometown Team like a beam of sunshine. While she maintains a delightfully full Deli with the help of her motivated crew, her true love has always been the kitchen. Since she was a little girl, Beth was drawn to food and the joy it generates in people. After following her passion to the culinary program of Pathfinder Regional Vocational Technical High School, she earned her stripes working on the line of various restaurants until she found herself in the kitchen of your Hometown Market. Finally being able to connect with the community she feeds, she was hooked. Her favorite part of working at Adams is the opportunity to chat with her customers about their top-ranked meals and gather feedback on her latest creation. While not at work, Beth can be found floating around on her kayak with her two dogs or working on her passion-project, the renovation of her nearly 200 year old farmhouse!

Meet Rick Lee!

Have you tried out our delicious Gourmet Burger Patties available from your hometown market? Our outstanding Meat Manager Rick Lee and his awesome team in Shelton, will help you upscale your next backyard retreat with their store-made, “boujee” burgers. With more than 30 years of experience in meat cutting, it’s safe to say that Rick knows a thing or two about creating these flavorful bundles of beef. Handmade daily, right in your local store, Rick uses his passion for culinary to combine 86% lean beef with a myriad of fresh ingredients to give you a punch of taste with every juicy bite. With various combinations available at each of our locations, our menus can include everything from Bacon-Cheddar (our most popular) to Portabella and Swiss, Steakhouse, Sweet Onion, Bleu Cheese-Ranch or more! However, Rick’s favorite burger remains our Classic Gourmet Patty, grilled to a mouth-watering medium-rare and then laid on a toasted, store-made brioche bun, fresh from our bakery.

Meet Kenny Pratt!

Our Store Manager of the Year!

He is as quiet as a mouse… said no one ever!

Watertown’s loquacious leader is a ball of charisma that would rival any entertainer or talk show host.

Chances are if he has stepped foot within 15 miles of your town you will have heard some story about this chatty, fun loving fella at your local market. An exuberant people-person, Kenny’s favorite part of coming to work is getting to know all of you. Going above and beyond to ingratiate himself and his team into the vibrant neighborhoods surrounding our stores, he will often be spotted contributing to events within the town. Kenny Pratt is determined to make a difference. He inspires his team and customers to take an active role within their community. Leading the charge, Kenny has done everything from collecting prizes for local students participating in Thomaston’s Summer Math Passport to proclaiming himself the Goof on the Roof on top of our East Lyme location to raise money for the Center for Disability Rights.

When not at work, Kenny can be found in one of two places: either spending time with his family (his father and daughter both work at our Thomaston store) or out with his buddies on a boat. You may have heard a tale (or a million) about his undying love for bass fishing.

Stop into our Watertown store to meet the legend that is Kenny Pratt! Fair warning, if you mention fish, you could be there awhile.

Meet Sean!

“Sean Tobin has been a part of the Thomaston Team since day one. Showing up every day with a smile, he can often be seen helping customers to their car, collecting carriages, maintaining the bottle machines and sweeping the store.  He also enjoys helping out in grocery and is extremely proud of his work. Sean is very much involved in his community. He can be spotted at parades, carnivals and the annual Light Up Thomaston, in addition to supporting his local theatre by attending numerous shows. He is also an avid bowler, who takes part in a community league every Saturday that Kenny loved going to watch. But most of all he brings a smile to everyone he comes across. With his upbeat attitude and his endless knowledge of New York Yankees and Giants statistics, he has become a cornerstone of joy to the Town of Thomaston. We could go on but there’s not enough ink!”

~ Anthony Caponera and Kenny Pratt, Present/Former Thomaston Store Manager and Sean’s #1 Fans

Meet Wayne Cullen!

“Ya gotta have it!”

You can’t get more Rhode Island than our darling Wayne!

Born and raised, right here in town, Wayne began his Grocery career 43 years ago in this very building. Jerry’s Supermarket was just opening their latest store and a vibrant, young high school student named Wayne Cullen was looking for a job. Starting out as a stock boy, Wayne grew increasingly passionate about his duties. His hard work and dedication to his craft were soon recognized and he became the location’s Store Manager before his 20th birthday.

You will never find anyone more enthralled with this business than Wayne. He breathes for his customers as well as his Team. The community is brimming with stories of Wayne going out of his way to help people. During the snowy days of winter, Wayne even delivered food to a shopper’s home when the weather prevented her from leaving. The beautiful part is, he performs these acts of service without a second thought.

“Ya gotta have it”, he grins.

Come say hello to Wayne, his trusty sidekick “Coopah” and the rest of the team on your next visit!

Meet Steve Kuharski!

Walking through the aisles of our Terryville location, there is one teammate who is sure to get a greeting by every customer. “Hey Steve!” “Steve! How’s it going?” A chuckle resounds from the chest of this bearded fellow.  With a wide grin on his face, he turns from his dutiful task of stocking shelves to happily engage with his neighbors.

Steve is quite well known in his hometown, not only for his hard work at the local market but also for his warm personality. Always quick to help both customers and his teammates, he loves bringing out the best in people through his upbeat attitude. He takes pride in being true to himself and that authenticity resonates within this tightknit community. He also is a talented musician and outside of work can be found strumming on his guitar or writing new lyrics for his latest creation. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Steve’s long term goal is to one day become the Store Manager for the town he loves.

Come say hello to Steve and the rest of our awesome Terryville crew at your hometown market!