Our Flavors

Featured Item

 Adams Spices

Did you know we have our own line of gourmet spices? Welcome the Spring season at your first cook-out with these locally made varieties to bring all your dishes to flavorville. Look down the baking aisle to discover a plethora of herbs for the season: Pink Himalayan Salt, Kentucky Bourbon & Smokehouse Mesquite BBQ Rubs or even a delicious IPA Beer Rub for a hoppy layer to your meal. Each packed full of fragrant aromas and flavor.

Gourmet Flavored Rotisserie Chicken

Rotisserie chicken is really the unsung hero of dinnertime.  These succulent birds can be used in a pinch for a quick meal or just to cut down on prep-time.  They are slow roasted in store daily which allows them to maintain their moisture for an incredible protein packed dinner or lunch.

Naked Shrimp


Crisp & snappy in texture, these delicious, all-natural shrimp are happily raised in the Bay of Bengal, free from chemicals (or those pesky pants).

Store Made Gourmet Burger Patties

Coming in a variety of flavors, including Bacon-Cheddar, Sweet Onion and Steakhouse, our hand-made patties are ready to be grilled to juicy perfection! Created daily, our team members take the time to perfectly blend the ingredients for a perfect bite.

Premium Green Beans & Asparagus

Characterized by their vibrant green color, our wall of freshly cut produce almost looks as good as it tastes. Whether you choose the extremely versatile green bean for your favorite casserole or our the delectably crisp and sweet asparagus for side with a crunch, our Teammates know quality.

Fresh Cut Fruit

Available in a variety of sizes and combinations, our juicy fruits are cut up by our Team daily. Sweet, mouth-watering and fresh as can be, grab a pack for a perfect healthy snack.

Store Made Fruit Tarts

A shortbread dough crust, filled with vanilla cream and topped with the juiciest fruit of the season! Created daily in our Bakery, these sweet and refreshing works of art are the ideal end to any meal.

Cake of the Month

Spring is here! Stay tuned for our rotating monthly flavors such as Sweet Pistachio and Banana Cream, created by our talented Cake Artists and available in multiple sizes from a single cupcake for you or a whole cake to feed a hungry family!

Grilled Salmon Meal

Flavorful salmon, lightly coated with salt and pepper and seared for that ideal crispy skin. It is then served with the pairing of quinoa and a crunch of flame-kissed asparagus.

Gourmet Breaded Chicken Cutlets

A whole lot of flavor can be found in our variety of panko breaded chicken cutlets. Pop them on a sandwich, cut them up in a salad or enjoy a filling meal in our variety of tastes. Created in store, choose from our tangy Lemon Pepper, aromatic Garlic Parmesan or the popular Buffalo Blue Cheese for a hint of spice.

Local Honey

Honey. That decadent, golden liquid that has entranced bears and humans alike for centuries. A family operated business from Preston, CT, Morell Apiaries believes that a happy bee, becomes a busy bee. In order to keep their buzzworthy tenants content, they provide them with a variety of wild nectar sources to choose from, such as wild flowers, fruit blossoms, shrubs and trees; eventually converting into their deliciously fragrant honey.

Rainbow Tortellini Salad

A colorful assortment of cheesy tortellini is tossed with fresh dill, florets of broccoli, delicately diced onion and ripe cherry tomatoes. Our chefs then top it with a simple, store-made vinaigrette.