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 Adams Spices

Did you know we have our own line of gourmet spices? As the weather cools down, enjoy these comforting varieties to bring all your dishes to flavorville this Fall. Look down the baking aisle to discover a plethora of herbs of the season from spicy cinnamon to fan-favorite Prime Rib. Find your meal-spiration for a satisfyingly “gourd-met” meal!

Gourmet Cran-Apple Stuffed Meats

Celebrate the flavors of Fall with our Store Made Cran-Apple Stuffing. Our talented Meat Team combines the soft sweetness of a harvest apple with the tangy bitterness of cranberries for the ultimate Autumn protein. Look in your local Meat Department for our super-stuffed pork chops or whole chickens.

Gourmet Breaded Chicken Cutlets

A whole lot of flavor can be found in our variety of panko breaded chicken cutlets. Pop them on a sandwich, cut them up in a salad or enjoy a filling meal in our variety of tastes. Created in store, choose from our tangy Lemon Pepper, aromatic Garlic Parmesan or the popular Buffalo Blue Cheese for a hint of spice.

Store Baked Italian Bread

What is pasta without a slice of warm, buttered, Italian bread? Soft and fluffy in the middle with a delightfully crusty edge, the enticing scent of freshly baked bread can be found radiating from our Team’s ovens throughout the day.

Local Legend Pie

Craving something freshooey-gooey and delicious? You can’t get much fresher than our brand new Local Legend Pies! Made with the ripest fruit harvested straight from the fields of a local orchard, these pies are baked to dreamy perfection for the perfect treat. A thickbuttery crust is the doorway to an assortment of spice and sweets. Every bite packed full of refreshingly indulgent fruit and a satisfyingly flakey crust.

Store Made Stuffed Breads

What is better than a slice of warm bread? How about a slice of bread filled with ooey-gooeycheesy goodness? Assembled to toasty perfection by your favorite hometown Team, we pack them full of your favorite ingredients. Ranging in a spectrum of savory variety, including our fan favorite Pepperoni, Sausage and PeppersVeggie, BroccoliBuffalo ChickenPhilly Cheese SteakChicken-Bacon-Ranch and more, our Team is constantly finding new flavors to satisfy your cravings.  

Store Made Butternut Squash

Oh the ever versatile Butternut Squash! To celebrate the Autumn harvest, we offer you this seasonal favorite in a variety of ways. Whether smashed for a smooth side, grilled to bring out its natural nuttiness or converted to a sweet and silky soup, we do our best to source from our local farmers to bring freshness to you and yours.

Seasonal Beer

It’s Fall! Which means: PUMPKIN EVERYTHING! Check out our selection of seasonal beer including the annual favorites: Sam Adams’ Octoberfest for a smooth flavor of caramel and toffee or Shipyard Brewing Company’s Pumpkinhead to satisfy that herbal, pumpkin-spice craving.

Store Baked Roast Beef

Oven-roasted daily by our Team of chefs, our roasts are simply seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic then popped into the oven to slowly cook to a juicysavory, medium-rare.

Autumn Apples

When you think of Fall, what do you imagine?  Although some aspects of our yearly traditions have changed, there is one Autumn staple that will always remain: the satisfying crunch of an orchard fresh apple.  From the classic Gala to extra-sweet Macoun and the mouth-wateringly juicy Honeycrisp, our locally-sourced apples bring you the highest quality crunch with a signature Autumn aroma. Whether you crave a sugar-coated fritter, a cinnamon-spiced pie or sliced up for a crisphealthy snack, the freshest apples can be found here at your local, hometown market.

Local Honey

Honey. That decadentgolden liquid that has entranced bears and humans alike for centuries. A family operated business from Preston, CT, Morell Apiaries believes that a happy bee, becomes a busy bee. In order to keep their buzzworthy tenants content, they provide them with a variety of wild nectar sources to choose from, such as wild flowers, fruit blossoms, shrubs and trees; eventually converting into their deliciously fragrant honey.